Papadum (GF)                    0.60          Spicy Papadum (GF)            0.70          Chutney Tray                 2.00



  • Mo:Mo in Chicken Broth                                                                                                                3.70
    Home-made Nepalese ravioli (filled with lightly spiced minced lamb) with coriander leaves and browned onion in chicken broth.
  • Mulligatawny Soup (GF)                                                                                                                2.90
    Spicy Dal (lentils) soup.
  • Hot and Sour Soup (GF)                                                                                                                3.60
    Toasted sesame seeds and fresh mixed vegetables cooked in rich chicken stock, served with freshly baked Nan bread.
  • Thukpa (Gurkha Dining Special)                                                                                                  3.95
    Vegetable/chicken- cooked with seasonal vegetables & homemade noodles. A traditional Nepalese noodle soup.


ALL starters are served with fresh green salad.


  • Chhwela Wocha* (Highly Recommended)                                                                                   4.10
    Chicken/lamb, Barbequed tender pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with various special Nepalese spices served on freshly prepared pulse lentils pancake-wocha . A uniquely flavoured traditional Nepalese starter. 
  • Chicken Pakora (GF)                                                                                                                      3.50
    Succulent boneless chicken marinated with spices, battered and deep fried, served with yogurt mint sauce.
  • Mo:Mo (Gurkha Dining Special)*                                                                                                  4.10
    Vegetable/minced lamb. Gently spiced and wrapped in pastry and steamed cooked, served with tamarind sauce. A popular delicacy in Nepal.
  • Chicken/Lamb Sukuti**                                                                                                                  4.10
    Marinated pieces of tender chicken or lamb cooked with various fresh herbs and spices, full of unique flavours.
  • Gurkhali Chicken Wings**                                                                                                             3.50
    Spicy chicken wings marinated in yogurt and fresh herbs and spices, cooked in clay oven, served with cool yogurt dip.
  • Lamb Sekuwa**                                                                                                                              4.50
    Clay oven cooked spicy strips of lamb, with Nepalese spices, fresh green chillies and onion, garnished with coriander and fresh ginger, Nepalese style.


All the following Tandoori dishes are marinated in fresh yoghurt, herbs and spices, cooked over flaming charcoal. 

  • Mixed Starter                                                                                                                                 4.95
    Combination of Chicken Tikka, Lamb Tikka and Seekh kebab. 
  • Seekh Kebab                                                                                                                                 3.50
    Tender minced Lamb and onion seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, barbequed on skewers.
  • Tandoori Lamb Chops                                                                                                                  4.50
    Tender Lamb chops on the bone.
  • Tandoori Chicken                                                                                                                         3.90      
    Spring chicken on the bone.
  • Chicken/Lamb Tikka                                                                                                                    3.90
    Tender pieces of diced Chicken breat / Lamb fillet marinated in cardamom infused spiced yoghurt.
  • Tandoori Fish Tikka (GF)                                                                                                             4.95


  • Piro Prawn ** (GF) (Highly Recommended)                                                                              4.50
    Prawns cooked with garlic, ginger, onions, tomatoes, capsicum, green chillies and fresh herbs and Nepalese spices.
  • Fish Pakora (GF)                                                                                                                          3.95
    Lightly spiced deep fried Pangasius fillet strips in special gram flour batter served with cool yogurt mint sauce.
  • King Prawn Butterfly                                                                                                                   4.95
    King prawns coated in gram flour batter and breadcrumbs with a touch of light spices, deep fried.
  • Grilled Salmon* (GF)                                                                                                                    4.95
    Marinated in Nepalese spices, served with yogurt mint chutney.


  • Paneer Chilli** (Highly Recommended)                                                                                    4.10
    Homemade cottage cheese sautéed with onion & capsicum in fairly hot sauce.
  • Samosa                                                                                                                                        3.50
    Crispy triangle shaped pastry stuffed with assorted vegetables, delicately spiced.
  • Mixed Pakora (GF)                                                                                                                      3.50
    Gently spiced Julienne mixed vegetable in gram flour batter. Deep fried.
  • Onion Bhaji (GF)                                                                                                                         3.50
    Deep fried onion fritters in special gram flour batter.
  • Shahi Paneer Tukra (GF)                                                                                                            4.10
    Spiced up homemade cottage cheese cooked in clay oven with fresh onions, green and red peppers.
  • Aloo Tikki*                                                                                                                                    3.50
    Shallow fried patties of mashed potatoes, stuffed with spiced green peas flavoured with ginger, served with tamarind dip.
  • Paneer Pakora (GF)                                                                                                                     4.10
    Lightly marinated home-made cottage cheese battered in Nepalese spices & gram flour and deep fried.
  • Aloo Dum** (GF)                                                                                                                           3.50
    An authentic Nepalese dish with full of flavour, potatoes cooked with special Nepalese herb Timur (a cousin of Schezwan Pepper), along with fresh coriander, onions, cumin seeds and fresh Nepalese spices.